Friday, June 6, 2008

Long Time No See....

I went to a 2nd annual event this year, SheepiePalooza in St Louis. This event is put on lovingly by the local OES club and they did a remarkable job. A woo hoo for the St Louis OES Club, they are a remarkable bunch!

Above is a bunch of running sheepdogs. I love this photos and so glad I was able to take it. I have it as my desk top at work and love looking at it every day.

Here is a sheepie looking for his mom or dad. They are such sweet dogs, even though I couldn't travel with my babies I was not lacking any sheepie love.... They are truly Velcro dogs and give lots of love.

I just loved this bright red door. The front door was off set from the center of the house. I also loved the distressed exposed brick.

I also got a little artsy. We were in the West End and had a rained out lunch. After it dried up a bit, I was able to take some great photos of some front doors on the stately homes we found. These homes were just beautiful, and the fact that the light was so soft, it helped make such nice photos.

The federal blue with the red brick here is what attracted me

Another bright red door, I loved the columns and the flower pots. Really a lovely home.

I'm partial to black doors and grey shutters.

On with the art!

this is one of our party walking down a little ally that was so perfect, as if it was posed, it was not!

We went to the Arch and this is the view as we were walking up from the parking structure, just so beautiful. I love St Louis!

Here is one of my online friends who I had just met for the first time the day before. She is in a paddle boat with her two babies, Beauregard and Genvieve