Friday, March 23, 2007

A new begining!

Welcome to Fresh-Picked Knits!

Here is where I will share what I'm working on and many of you who knit may want to assist me in testing my patterns. Let me know if there is a pattern you may like to test.

For the most part these patterns will be designed for babies and toddlers. To start off, I have designed a 3 Button Kimono, a baby hat, a baby cardigan. My goal is to do something a little different in the pattern designs, one of the things I would like to do is to let the intended knitter have an idea of how long it might take to knit the garment, besides a difficulty rating. Also I want to be clear on the skills that will be needed to make the garment to look like the photo, but also what the options would be if you wanted to finish your sweater a little differently. Also, many yarns used in patterns today are at times quite costly. I will give two options for the yarn; one will be an inexpensive option, and the other a moderately priced yarn.

Another goal I have is to ensure that many knitters who are just starting out will finish what they start, have a feeling of accomplishment and want to knit again. I want it to feel like, "Hey, look what I can do!" and want to do it again or try a more difficult challenge.

With all that being said, this is all about fun and sharing a past time that I dearly love on to someone new who may do the same some day.

In one of my posts to this blog, I will tell you about my journey into knitting.