Friday, October 12, 2007

Auction and Rescue Parade a Success!

The sweater and hat brought $35.00 for the auction to benefit the OES Rescue of Southern California! I was so happy to be able to bring some money and benefit to those sweet fur babies who find new homes through the rescue. If you are looking to find a companion to share your life, I can't recommend them highly enough. They are wonderful friends and never make a negative comment about your knitting, ever!

Here is the booth in action! People busy bidding on the different items that were up for silent auction. The Burbank Kennel Club is so kind to sponsor the event and invite Jane and the OES Rescue back each year. I already have the date for next years event, it will be held on Sunday, September 28, 2008. This event is so fun for the dogs as well as the owners who come and participate in the parade. Again the web address to the rescue is Please come visit and think about rescue when you look to adding a four legged companion to your family.
Look at this lovely girl, she has just come from the "beauty parlor" with her ribbon in her hair, all ready to strut her stuff in the parade.
Here is another lovely participant in the parade. Let me just give you a little run down of a few of the lads and ladies who ran around the winners circle at the Burbank Kennel Club dog show.

  • Peggy Sue and Ellie Mae who live with a lovely couple, were rescued after being born in the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter, they are sisters and are 4 years old and happy.

  • Skippy is 13 and was rescued from the San Bernardino Animal Shelter.

  • Retzel is now 14 years old, it was 12 years ago when Jane picked him up from the "backyard" breeder when he didn't sell fast enough. At the parade, Jane wept when she saw him run around the winners circle and it reconfirmed for her to know that what she does for each of these furry characters is important and needed, Thank you Jane.

  • Fraiser was 12 years old and was all set to participate in this years parade. He suddenly fell ill and went over the Rainbow Bridge. It is sad to say goodbye to our companions, but in the same breath we need to remember that years spent with us, their adoptive families, they lived a wonderful love filled life.

In all, 36 Dogs were signed up for the parade, and it was a site to see. I am so proud to participate and do what I can for the cause.

This is my own rescue, Taggart. He is waiting in what is called an Xpen for his turn in the ring. Actually, I was there not only for the parade, but my friend showed her Sheepdog, Channing. She won her first point towards her champion ship. So we were there for 2 and a half days and he had to cool his four feet waiting. In this photo, he is giving me a little sass.

Next post will be on knitting