Saturday, March 1, 2008

WHO is Daisy or is Daisy a WHO?

This is my mom's dog Daisy. She is the funniest dog ever and the most patient too. I took a scruchi band and put her ears up. She looked just like a Who from Whoville. I wanted to share with all my knitting buddies the crazy things I manage to do when I'm not knitting.

In this one, she looks like she is smirking at me.

Today was the MKGSFBA meeting, it was fun and informative. We had a speaker who showed us lots of different skills on the knitting machine... Who knew that you could whip out Icord on a machine? It is so beyond simple. Also, did you know that you can needle felt your fairisle knitting and it will felt the floats on the back and not disturb the design on the front. Great idea for a fairisle scarf and needle felt it so the floats are stuck down.

Short but sweet!