Friday, January 30, 2009

Cute or what????

Sleeping Beauty

I ask you, is she cute or what? I woke the other morning and this is what I find sound asleep on the loveseat. I grabbed my camera and started shooting. She didn't wake up and only moved a little. This is my mom's Daisy, she is beyond sweet and way too funny for words.

A close up of that sweet little face. When my mom wanted a sheepdog like mine I looked all over and finally found her in Southern California at an animal care center. When I brought her home to mom, it was love at first site. We now all live together and all three dogs get along fine. Daisy remains the funny girl she was when we got her and she is still mom's dog.

This is Daisy wide awake, her bangs were so long, I had to give her little pony tails so we could see her eyes and so she could see too.


Samsara said...

Aw, she looks adorable! Almost makes me wish that Joe was longhaired but I think he moults enough thank you! Plus I think my BF would have a fit if he saw ribbons on Joe, I gave him a tinsel collar at Christmas and the BF removed it after a few hours saying that he was sure Joe didn't like it!

Katknit said...

What a sweetie! Look at that face!

still thinking !!! said...