Sunday, July 15, 2007

Summer Color Spots

I was so happy with the flower pots that we planted up for a pop of color. They are beautiful, better than I dreamed. I had an idea of what I wanted planted and what colors I wanted. Then I went looking for the flowers. Well that was a different story. I wanted white, blues and then the Marigolds for the pop of yellow, but the big thing I wanted was the Pansies and the nursery guy is telling us that it's too late for Pansies, the will get all leggy and it's too hot for them. Well I'm here to tell you, they have been so wonderful and in the full sun till noon each day, along with the sweet alyisum and the lobilia they just make my day each time I see them. Tell me what you think. Maybe I should used them to dream up a new sweater concept and color scheme. We are in the midst of major garden work. This weekend was all about getting the back yard rose bushes tamed and trimed. Next weekend we will be renting a chipper or mulcher to chop up the huge pile of what we trimmed out.

I received Spike for Christmas a few years ago from a buddy of mine. I fell in love with him at first sight, now I want to share him with the rest of the world. So here is introducing SPIKE

How do you like him. I think he is the perfect pet. My geraniums blooming in the background. I think my years at Kodak served my well, I guess that and being a bit artistic probably helped a bit.
Next up I will be sharing my stash with you. I recently aquired some beautiful cotton I'm dying to see knit up in fairisle of some sort. Well you will just have to wait to see them.
I will have lots to catch you up with. I have plenty of yarn to share. I'm looking for ideas. I will also discuss my new views on trying to not add any further to my stash.

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